CS50x: A Brief Review

CS50x: Worth your time?


I thoroughly enjoyed working through the course, although I do recommend listening on 1.25x speed if you’re familiar with the material.

The homeworks are a great little set of problems, and a lot of fun.

If you haven’t used C in a while, or ever, the first half the course will be a good refresher filled with a solid foundation for understanding the mechanics of programming a computer.

If I had taken this prior to working on scratchwork.xyz (blog series starts here), I would have already known how to do many of the website/database tasks, as the second half the course covered a fair bit of related material. Since I took it afterwards, it was good to learn some more best practices, and be forced to use javascript (which I normally try to avoid).

What about the final project?

I wasn’t sure on what to do for the final project, but I finally settled on a hybrid computer vision/music project, which I titled “Dance to (make) the music!” You can either watch the video I submitted for CS50x credit, or read some more details about it here.