Machine Learning Forecast

Implement an LSTM model to forecast the upcoming temperature.

CS50x: A Brief Review

Should you take Harvard’s CS50x on EdX?, Part 8: Wrapping up, extending capabilities

Pat ourselves on the back and talk about where to go from here., Part 7: The ESP32

Use an ESP32 and a BME280 to collect weather data and send it via HTTP post., Part 6: Plotting for website visitors using Dash

Prepare a webpage for visitors using stored data from the past week., Part 5: Gathering external weather data using external APIs

Use external APIs to write to our SQL table on a defined schedule, organized by cron., Part 4: Database and simple REST API

Prepare a database and modify our flask service to be a REST API, Part 3: Get a website running

Work out the networking and webserving requirements., Part 2: Initial Setup Steps

Initial setup steps for a data collection sever., Part 1: Overview

Brief introduction to the purpose of